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We can bid any design seed mix. 15 years experience completing large and small jobs. Owner operated and on site at all jobs.


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Pre planting soil prep and after care advice from an experienced company. Owner operated and on every job site for an exception customer experience.

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We would love to answer your questions about hydroseeding.

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Experienced in Commercial Jobs Re-Vegitation and Erosion Control

We have all native seed mixes that are available on the market. Tackifier glue used in all native plantings to provide erosion control and hold the seed in place for later germination. Owner operated and on site at every job. 15 years of experience with commercial applications. Previous jobs include Hill Air Force Base, EPA, Park City Business park, general contractors, Layton City, Farmington City, Murray City and state of Utah.

We Know LawnsWhen to Plant

In the spring you need a ground temperature of not less than 45 degrees to start planting turf grasses. Bluegrass needs about 4-6 weeks of constant moisture and warmth, depending on weather to develop enough to flourish in the spring. Be cautious about planting too late in the fall if you have secondary irrigation. Be aware of the shut off date. If spraying for weeds be aware of wait time before replanting. Weedkillers can inhibit germination. When we Hydroseed a yard, we like to see 2-3 inches of loose, dry, raked soil so the Hydroseed will stir into the soil, planting the some of the seed. This also ensures a uniform germination. The seed will not stick to hard, wet spots.

We Know LawnsMany Types of Grass

We'll help you determine the best type of grass for your situation and soil type. We'll also take into account your activity level the lawn will need to sustain and other factors that can impact the lawn. We will leave you with detailed instructions on how to care for your newly hydro seeded lawn.

We Know Erosion ControlWhat to Plant

Second year wildflowers and sheep fescue is shown here. We have a variety of wild flower, native plants, and other beautification or erosion control.

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Dave with A Plus Hydroseeding is the best. Great to work with, very helpful. My lawn looks great. Dave even gave my tips for my already existing lawn. Backyard looking great. Defiantly recommend A Plus Hydroseeding.Mary O.

We had booked another company to come do our hydroseeding. Not only did [they] not show up, they wouldn’t answer our phone calls after missing their appointment. We called Dave at A-Plus and he showed up the next morning and saved the day! Did a great job and was very helpful! Aly D.